XXX, 2 Jul 1994 20:16:31 -0400 (EDT)

I thought that Casio and Tandy monitored this thread, and I expected as such they ARE hearing all of the comments that have been posted thus far.

Despite the fact that there are varied thoughts about how the Zoomer should be designed, etc., the fact remains that Casio/Tandy is doing nothing to support this product.

I for one have become sold on my Zoomer, and rely on it for my every day scheduling and as a data source. The goodies designed into ROM with the obvious intent to "sell" this product to the general public (ie. clothes exchange, zodiac signs, etc.) are useless and should not be there.

I think the machine is a great one and could do much better then it does if only more attention was paid to it by Tandy/Casio. I mean, it's like a bunch of Zoomers were popped out of the factory, put in the stores, then everyone involved has gone on vacation and never returned. Where are all of the applications that could be easily produced and used by most owners? There is very little available for the Zoomer, and nothing at all is heard from Casio/Zoomer about the machine at all.

Of course, it didn't help much to put the thing on the market at $699, then a couple of months later drop it to $599, then $499; that sort of thing tends to erode faith for next time.

I think the Zoomer is better then the Newton in many ways, but I question if I'd be better off with a Newton since I get the feeling that I have purchased a machine that will soon be forgotten by Tandy/Casio, there will be nothing I can buy to expand its abilities, and it will become worthless. I know next time I'll think twice about buying from Tandy.