XXX, 2 Jul 1994 02:29:27 -0400 (EDT)

I think we have to ask not only ourselves, but Radio Shack and Casio just what they want us to think these CCD's actually are. (the following thoughts are purely personal in nature, and do not and should not reflect any company position)

- Many of us who have embraced this technology, look at the Zoomer as a computing device to used in conjuction with our Desk-tops or LapTops.
- But, maybe the companies that are selling them aren't looking at them in the same light? Maybe since they are being display-cased next to the high-end caluclators and Electronic Rolodex's, and other hand-held information manager's... Are we expecting more from these companies than they had planned to provide?
-- I personally would say yes, and we should.. The Consumer is the one that drives a market..
-- But, letters need to be written to Radio Shack and Casio to TELL them, hey we want X and Y supported on your systems.. Get someone coding this stuff...
-- It isn't like asking Compac to code a spread-sheet, unless they start selling a computer with everything on ROM... Casio/RadioShack control what sets on ROM in the Zoomer. Granted many things can be put to PC-Card, but integration is the key (along with a faster processor [with cooresponding lower battery life]) to usability...
-- The companies producing the Zoomer have the depth to put a few million more into this project tht is far from dead.. Newton came out with the 110 didn't they...
-- Let's go to the source with our needs, and let them be heard... If they can't do it internally, they can contract it out, just like everyone else who only does hardware does..

Your thoughts?


[Again, reminder, these are personal thoughts.. Nothing official here..]