Re:Prospective Owners (Wmmx3j16)
XXX, 22 Feb 1994 18:34:31 -0400 (EDT)

Jeff and Markus have answered most of your questions. Filling in a few minor items...

As stated, you cannot visit the PDA Forum from the Zoomer, and yes, it seems rather silly. AOL is running surveys for Zoomer owners and all owners - perhaps if enough folks demand PDA Forum access, it will happen.

The AOL application in the Zoomer includes a text view/editor, but is obviously limited to small files. We have a utility in our libraries to split large text files into smaller chunks that "AOL Lite" can handle.

No one has released Zoomer sales figures, however, Casio and/or Casio-Tandy are apparently planning more Zoomer models later this year. So it seems there is a commitment to the platform. The info I've heard on the NewZooms is that they will be more "specialized" - translation, the current Zoomer may have more built in capability.

Craig de Fasselle (PDA Craig)
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