Re:re: Prospective Owners
XXX, 22 Feb 1994 11:53:36 -0400 (EDT)

*1) What other limitations are there on AOL access from the Zoomer, assuming I have a 2MB PCMCIA RAM card for download space? *

You cannot download to the Zoomer from the libraries here or on any other forum. You can, however, download stuff that is attached by mail. This is how people are backing up their systems in some cases.

*2) There seems to be a disturbing paucity of shareware in the library here. *

Not our fault, honest! ;) Zoomer development has been glacial. It might have something to do with the fact that even though the development kit is just $99, you need two computers to effectively debug anything.

*4) When I first began to look into PDAs a few months ago, the major players were Apple/Sharp, Casio/Tandy, and Amstrad. Anything better rumored to be right around the bend, and will it be enough better to warrant waiting? *

I'm Newton biased, but I would suggest waiting for the new Lindy that is due out any day now. It is a refined version of the Newton with better HWR, much more memory (a full meg), and improved case with cover. For PIM type stuff, the Newton trounces a paper planner, especially with its built in global search functions. You don't get such a search function on the Zoomer. Plus, you can't beat the number of great shareware applications available for it. Once Pocketcall comes out, you should be able to access e-mail no problem (except AOL - at least for now).

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P.S. Since you are new, please fill out an AOL survey in the main menu and plead the case for AOL access from PDAs.