Re:Form Factor (RBottomley)
XXX, 14 Feb 1994 05:09:28 -0400 (EDT)

Assuming that PDC Joe is mistaken about the protocol and AOL software does use some sort of error detection, there is no way (or a very, very some probability) that the file downloaded improperly.

Uh, I never said that AOL doesn't use error correcting protocols. They do. They use Zmodem. However, despite the use of error correcting protocols, errors CAN and DO get introduced into files during the d/l process. Many things can cause this and while the Zmodem protocol is extremely good, it is not perfect. No human engineered system is.

The point I was making about the size of the file is that the larger a file is, the more time it takes to d/l it, the more the chance that some spurious error can get introduced.

The file checks out on this end. If someone has downloaded it and is having a problem with it, the smart thing to do is to d/l it again. No problem, little bit of wasted time, but a quick trip to CREDIT should insure that no money is wasted.

I don't know how much d/l'ing and u/l'ing you've done, but there are basically two types of folks when it comes to this sort of things: those that have gotten file transfer errors and those that will.

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