Re:Form Factor (PDC Joe)
XXX, 14 Feb 1994 02:35:22 -0400 (EDT)

PDC Joe said: "It's a large file and it's certainly possible it could've taken a "hit" or two on the d/l, enough to render it inoperative."

Excuse me, but are you really saying the AOL software does not use any kind of error detection for downloads? I find that hard to believe in this day and age. I was under the impression that AOL uses Z-Modem as its file transfer protocol. Even the venerable X-Modem has error detection.

Assuming that PDC Joe is mistaken about the protocol and AOL software does use some sort of error detection, there is no way (or a very, very some probability) that the file downloaded improperly.

Would someone clear this up. AOL *has* to be using a protocol incorporating a CRC and block retransmission on errors.