RE: swapping Zoomer cards
XXX, 1 Feb 1994 22:47:28 -0400 (EDT)

I have always understood the Zoomer's PC Card slot to be "hot swappable". I have a 512K SRAM card (Thanks, Tim) and the Quick Shuffle card available from GeoWorks (a great productivity killer). When I switch the two cards, I always leave the power on. If I have been using the games on the Quick Shuffle card, the Zoomer warns me that a program on the card is still active, and tells me to re-lock the card. After a few seconds, it tells me I can go ahead and unlock the card. I haven't had any problems using either card this way.
In fact, I had many problems when I tried to swap the cards with the power off. The Zoomer would scream for the other card, and most times it would just crash and reset.
Hope this helps. Someone please tell me if I am hurting my Z (or if I'm just loopy).