Re:IntelliLink & Cards
XXX, 28 Jan 1994 15:43:07 -0400 (EDT)

If you want to transfer from Organizer, it's easier to export the data as a .CSV file. There you can map it and change it the way you want. I saved company names in the 'Name' category and contacts in the 'FirstName' category. I also kept separate files for business and personal directories. I don't have IntelliLink (PalmConnect & Organizer) and have transfered everything as .CSV format with no problems. I have heard from others that Organizer files were transfered easier as .CSV. Commence & others varied as to how easy they were. (Maybe user errors? - unknown).

As far as P-Cards: I have been able to remove them without turning off the Zoomer. Just make sure your not accessing the card at the time.