XXX, 26 Jan 1994 00:12:29 -0400 (EDT)

My experience with IntelliLink has been quite different. I find it to be indespensible, and capable of doing things PC isn't set up to do. Of course, I use a different PIM, and from your comments, that seems to be a least part of the issue (I use Jensen-Jones' Commence).

In Commence, the categories and category forms are totally user definable. I don't use separate FIRST NAME and LAST NAME fields, but rather a single NAME field. In Commence, I enter data in this field in the form of Last Name, First Name. When exported to the Zoomer NAME field, this works fine.

Just checked my Zoomer, and there is indeed a FIRST NAME field. Can't you map the LAST name to the Z's NAME field, and the FIRST name to the Z's FIRST NAME field? This would seem to take care of that problem. The Z also has a COMPANY field, why can't you map Organizer's COMPANY field to that?

Hopefully, this might solve some of your problems. As I look back over your posting, I have to admit I'm a little confused as to the exact nature of what you're trying to do, and exactly what your problems are. Can you run it past me again, with some more specifics, so I can get it through my thick skull and maybe give you a hand? <g>