XXX, 25 Jan 1994 20:35:49 -0400 (EDT)

Just received my copy of IntelliLink, and I'm disappointed. I read the literature about IntelliLink that came with the Zoomer,called and asked questions, and ordered the package. I hoped to easily transfer data back and forth between my Lotus Organizer 1.1 and the Zoomer on a daily basis. The connection is easy, but there are some problems. The Zoomer will only list last names in the phone book, so I created an extra book of commercial information, placing the company name in the last name field. In Organizer, it is possible to sort by either last name or company name, so there I would want the company name in the comany field. Intellilink allows mapping fields, so I mapped the Zoomer last name field to the company name field in Organizer. For whatever reason, Organizer will not sort the data when uploaded that way. In addition, Intellilink requires that the last name field in Organizer be mapped to something, even though in my case, there is no data there. I think that, fran
kly, IntelliLink is a compromise, cumbersome, and I regret buying it. The Palm Connect works great, though it doesn't help me with Lotus Organizer.