Zoomer email list

XXX, 27 Dec 1993 02:32:58 -0400 (EDT)

A while back, someone mentioned that there's a mailing list about Zoomers which is on the Internet (and available through AOL's Internet e-mail gateway). I run the mailing list, and you're all welcome to join, but I'd like to correct the instructions which were given:

To subscribe to the zoomer-list mailing list, send a mail message to listserv@grot.starconn.com with the following two lines of text (and only this text) in the message body:

subscribe zoomer-list firstname lastname

Replace "firstname lastname" with your actual first and last name. "quit: should appear on a separate line.

You'll get a welcome message mailed back to you within a day. The welcome message includes further instructions for retrieving archives of previous mail and stuff like that.

See you on zoomer-list!