A favor please

XXX, 26 Dec 1993 11:52:06 -0400 (EDT)


The entire PDA Staff loves the enthusiasm and interest generated by all. We do have a favor to ask, though.

Each day I and other staff members find our mailboxes filled with scores of questions that really should be posted here in the forum. I personally get over 100 Emails each day -- and that number is growing.

The purpose of this forum is for public discussion and question-answer messages. By posting questions here, you accomplish several things. First, you will get feedback from hundreds of other users rather than a staff member or two. Second, other users benefit from your questions and the resulting answers. ALL of us have been stuck one what we may have felt to be an obvious question or problem. The only "dumb question" is the unasked one. Third, you often get faster answers here in the forum than an Email to one of the staff. Other users are checking in here 24 hours a day, so even urgent questions are likely to get an answer faster than Email. I know I often read the forum messages first when I see that my mailbox is overflowing.

We enjoy getting Email, and recognize that some issues do require one to one contact. But we ask for your cooperation in posting the "which is best... how do I... where can I find..." type questions here in the forum.

Thanks for your understanding & cooperation,

Craig de Fasselle (PDA Craig)
PDA Forum Leader