Re: Download problem

Shannan Wuttke (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:12:49 +1100

I experienced a similar thing a while ago, ie, the ogo rebooting itself and
the pc showing NNNNNN etc
What caused is it that the batteries died during a previous file transfer. I
think that the power management on the ogo got confused and didn't turn the
serial port back on when needed.
I solved the problem simply by doing a hard reset (with the small hole on
the bottom)

Hope this helps.


At 07:31 pm 26/6/97 +0700, you wrote:
> Dear Ogoers,
> Every time I transfer a file from PC to Omnigo by using PUT
>< filename>command of Omnicom, the system reboot itself and the download
> failed. I use HP conectivity cable and correctly set the baud rate.
> The monitor of PC showed NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and " complete download"
> shown. Until now I 've never used the OGO program in DOS mode, I can't
>download text file to
> OGO. That cause me so upset!! But I successfully uploaded a small text
> file from OGO to PC using GET < filename > command.
> What's the problem ?Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance.
> Yours,
> Dr.Thawatchai Krisanaprakornkit
> Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine
> Khonkaen University , Khonkaen 40002,
> Thailand.
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