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Martin P Speckhardt (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:15:25 +0000

I use the Pretec 12mb ATA Flash card and have had no troubles. I agreed that
it was much more cost effective than an SRAM and available in the bigger
sizes. This has allowed me to put more dos programs on board as well as to
any geoworks programs I wanted. I previously had the Magic Ram 4mb card (also
flash) but that one caused my Omnigo to hang (did not accept input)
occasionally (magic ram required a special driver). Since switching to the
Pretec (no driver required) this problem has gone away. I also did not see
much of a battery life difference (though I never tried a SRAM). I got about
350 minutes of life (using Battery Watcher) without any card and about 300
minutes with the Flash card installed (and all my datafiles residing on it).
I use Rayovac Renewal Batteries. The big advantage of putting the files there
is that a complete reboot will not wipe them out (I have had to do this
occasionally in dos mode).



>Hi every one:
>Does anybody there has something to add regarding the following message
>from Pretec about their best product for omnigo100?

>I wrote:
>>I just was wondering if you could recommend me witch of
>>your products would work prefectly on my HP Omnigo 100?
>>ill appreciate as must much information youllsend via email.


>>Thank you for visiting our web site.
>>I would recommend that you go with our series C3 Flash ATA card instead
>>the SRAM cards. The Flash ATA card is much more cost effective compare
>>the SRAM card, for example, a 4MB SRAM card will cost you US$749.00
>>else the 4MB ATA Flash card is only US$89.00. The HP Omnigo 120 will
>>both cards without the need of an addition driver. The other advantage
>>using the ATA Flash card is that it does not require a internal battery
>>keep the data in the card. The SRAM requires two battery to maintain
>>data in the card.
>>Any further questions will be welcome.
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