ArtCom Demo (fwd)

Chris Immer (immer@Magnet.FSU.EDU)
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:00:16 -0400 (EDT)

I can't seem to get it to work with my zoom pocket modem. Whenever I
try to "deliver" a fax, it give me a "timeout" error on the modem
initialization. The modem works fine with OGcomm. I can see from the
led's that it does recieve the command, but the software just hangs...

Any ideas?

> What's your opinion about ArtCom Demo program for Omnigo?
> I'm very interesting in the e-mail but the demo doesn't have it.
> I think the user interface could be better. The font of the table of
> messages could be smaller (calendar font) to see better the subject field=
> ;
> and there's not title in the main window.
> The best is the message editor. Yes, i think it is really good. But it is
> not possible to write the message using graffiti directly. Also if you
> re-edit a message you can't change the field <To:>
> How I will be able to deliver more than one mail?
> And there is another think in the mail configuration: there is a problem =
> if
> you have two different servers one for pop and other for smtp mail becaus=
> e
> ther is only one field for mail server.
> But I think this is still a beta version. Anyway I would like to thank
> ArtSoft for supporting communication for Omnigo. I think we are a lot of
> OmniGo users that need it.
> Guillermo Ferrero
> Val=E8ncia, (Spain)


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