RE: Omnigo 100 Battery Life

Klok, F.H. (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:21:41 +0100

According to my measurements, in the off state the OG consumes 0.7 mA.
Normal alkaline batteries have a life expectancy of around 1200-1500
This would mean a lifetime of: 1200/0.7 = 1714 hours which is roughly 71
This seems to correlate with your experience.


>From: Heuk Choong[]
>Sent: maandag 16 juni 1997 5:18
>Subject: Omnigo 100 Battery Life
>It seems that the omnigo is a real power thirsty machine. Even in the 'off'
>mode a new pack of alkaline batteries can only last about 2mths throught
>the 'off' hibernation period. Is this the norm for you guys? What's the
>consumption like? ie. battery life etc.
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