1 MB and 2 MB SRAM cards and Attribute Memory

John Justin (john@jjustin.com)
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:21:53 -0700

To all:

Those of you Omnigo types that are familiar with the delay problem with
certain manufacturers of SRAM cards, as discussed here in the past -
i.e. when you first turn the Omnigo on and immediately tap an icon, you
need to wait about 5 seconds for the icon to reverse and thereby
acknowledge your tap - I have officially isolated the problem to the
absence of attribute memory on the card.

MPEC (Which is a division of Pretec) makes 1MB and 2MB SRAM cards that
have 2 KB of attribute memory. You need to specify that the card have
2KB of attribute memory when ordering (costs $2 more). I've tested their
cards and they work fine. I believe that they are the only SRAM cards
available now that don't exhibit the problem. They also sell ATA flash
cards for the Omnigo - Note that flash cards don't exhibit the delay


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