Re: Experiences INTELLILINK for WINDOWS/HP OMNIGO 100/120

Martin P Speckhardt (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 08:30:29 +0000

I have used Intellilink for awhile now. I started using it with my Zoomer and
had no complaints. I still use it occasionally with my Omnigo and it works (a
nice feature is that I can actually update the Zoomer from the Omnigo with
it). The one problem I have had is that the files need to be in memory not on
a flash card for the program to work (I keep all my data on the flash card so
I must copy the files to drive B: to get it to work). Also Intellilink does
not support the spreadsheet or database functions (I use gdbio and ensemble
2.1 for that). The nice thing about Intellilink is that it supports most
handhelds (not the wince yet) so transfering data from someone elses into your
own is easily done. Other features I like is the ability to save to an ascii
file and to map my own fields directly instead of using the default (I find I
have no use for some fields but need others). I have no experience with the
connectivity pack, but assume that it works better for Omnigo direct issues
though Intellilnk does handle most of my PIM concerns.



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Hello Group,
Has someone of you experiences with the item above.
Is there somewhere a freeware version to get to try it out.
Will it work out fine with my OGO100/120.
I'm considering to buy this package instead of the HP Connectivity pack
witch I cant find anywhere on the net.
Did somebody work before with this particular software from Intellilink
Hope to hear soon
Thanks in advantage