OGOAPM.EXE: To Switch On/Off OmniGo100 In Dos Mode

Yong Wang (a9209233@unet.univie.ac.at)
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:33:45 +0200 (MSZ)

***REPOST: Utility To Switch On/Off OmniGo In Dos Mode***


"OGOAPM.EXE" is an utility, which I wrote for the power management
in dos mode for OmniGo 100. The current version is 0.3. It sets OGO
in APM enabled mode in the dos mode, and it lets you to press ON key
to switch on/off your OGO just like in GEOS.

You can get the utility from my homepage in

I think the BIOS in OmniGo supports APM version 1. "OGOAPM.EXE" is
written by using standart APM functions.

The APM functions which I used:
1) APM connection:
call int 15h: with AH=53h, AL=01h, BX=00h
2) APM disconnection:
call int 15h: with AH=53h, AL=04h, BX=00h
3) Set APM enabled mode:
call int 15h: with AH=53h, AL=07h, BX=Device ID, CX=0h
4) Set suspend mode:
call int 15h: with AH=53h, AL=07h, BX=01h, CX=02h

I tried to use APM Get Power Status function to get the battery status,
but the return value said the battery type was "unknown".

OmniGo 100 is a excellent PDA. "WebMagick" from Breadbox brings it even
more power. I think what we need eagerly now is a power management driver
for the dos mode. Such a driver turns OmniGo into a real power machine!

Have fun!

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