[REPOST] Wish List for Ogo

Thu, 29 May 1997 06:24:13 -0400 (EDT)

* OmniGo 100+ Wish List Survey *
Do you have wishes for this survey ?
Device drivers, Book Reader books,
Utilities, Games, Business Applets,
Publications, Multimedia, IZL, System
files, other wishes.
What third-party software and / or
content would you like developed
for the HP OmniGo 100 / 120 PDA's ?

Deadline is set : 7 June 1997 midnight.
This Wish List Survey is really happening;
a compile listing will be posted on or before
the 14 of June 1997 in this area
(Newsgroup, Forum, Mail List).

Please note - I will make very clear that a certain
project / program has being committed already,
and that no other programmer can't try to mirror
its' development.
Join the "Fun", & help make this wish list survey
a successful listing of future projects for the OmniGo
100 / 120 Geos-based PDA's.
Email your wishes to the below address >

EMAIL: byronc0141@aol.com

Best Regards,

Byron Collins
Kentucky, USA
Team GEOS Member