Re: Wish List for Ogo

Marc Bishop (
Wed, 28 May 1997 10:26:50 -0600 wrote:
> **************************
> *Omnigo 100+ Wish List Survey *
> **************************
> Do you have ideas for this survey ?
> Device drivers, Book Reader books,
> Utilities, Games, Business Applets,
> Publication, Multimedia, others.
> What third-party software and or
> content would you like develope
> for the HP OmniGo 100 / 120 PDA's ?
> Deadline is set : 7 June 1997 midnight.
> This Wish List Survey will be posted
> on or before the 14 of June in this area
> (Newsgroup, Forum, Mail List).

I'd like a utility, something like CLIP-N-GO, that works for OGO to a
Mac. And/Or, I'd like to have some file translation utilities, e.g.:
- Translate OGO spreadsheet to/from EXCEL
- Translate OGO database to/from EXCEL or WORD
- etc.
Translation of OGO text to/from WORD might also be nice, even though
things work to some degree already with the transfer of plain text
files to/from WORD and from/to OGO text editors.

In the case of a translation utility, if it worked for a PC it would
likely work, to an acceptable degree, also for a Mac. Note that
MAC/PC and PC/MAC translators already exist in WORD and EXCEL.

I've read Emails in this area about those who've learned how to get
parts of the NEWDEAL (or was it the old ENSEMBLE) program, with its
translators, working with an OGO and a memory card. If it was clear
and simple, I'd buy and try it now. However, this looks pretty
complex to some of us.