Re: Wish List for Ogo

Jon Frisby (
Mon, 26 May 1997 23:07:53 -0700

>Do you have ideas for this survey ?
>Device drivers, Book Reader books,
>Utilities, Games, Business Applets,
>Publication, Multimedia, others.
>What third-party software and or
>content would you like develope
>for the HP OmniGo 100 / 120 PDA's ?
I'd like to see:
-PCMCIA SCSI Zip Drive controller driver
-A "mini-EMACS", for editing HTML, Java, and C code...
Not neccesarily including eLisp... <G> Perhaps even
just a PICO clone...
-A "small" font, that allows for 80 columns on
-Some basic InterNet stuff... An HTML 3.2 compliant
web browser (no Java needed...), using this small
font... And scaling graphics down to fit the
screen... And an FTP utility that can SEND files...
An EtherNet card driver and PPP driver... (EtherNet
for XirCom EtherNet cards...)