8MB Flash card in Omnigo, not working?

Glen Wilson (Glen_Wilson@akamail.com)
Mon, 26 May 1997 20:43:18 GMT

Hi, all. I have bought (on Approval, just in case I had trouble, and I
am) a 8M flash card. I am sure the advert. said ATA flash but that
isn't mentioned anywhere that I can see on the card. The details I can
see are listed below:-
On Card case 8MB Flash with 2K (6000700)
=46ront of card PMC 8MB FLASH CARD
Back of Card P/N 6000700 (written on card)
P/N FH008M-B s/n 096127352
And below is the information from the "User Manual" (single small bit
of paper) that came with the card. It mentions 12v write voltage, I
assume this is part of the problem, does an Omnigo 100 support this
voltage? Or for that matter th 5v for reading, or should I have bought
a 3.3v card?
++++++++++++++++++++ From User Manual +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1. Thank you for buying this card.
2. Before using, please read this manual first.
3. Please keep this manual handy for future use.

1. This card is normally used with 5V operating voltage for read
function and 12V+/-0.6V programming voltage for write (program)
2. Please do not remove this card while it is operating,
otherwise, it may be damaged.

Ready to use
Setting write-protect switch. This switch is just like a write-protect
label on the floppy disk. Toggle the switch to write-protect position,
write is inhibited. Toggle the switch to the opposite direction of
write-protect, write is enabled.
1. Before executing write (program) and read operation, user
should erase and format this card (please refer to the instructions in
your memory card drive or notebook PC user=92s manual).=20
The Omnigo just gives an error message about being write protected (it
wasn't) or Incompatible (it may be!). So I tried it in my IBM think
Pad, it didn't see anything by default, so I downloaded some Magicram
drivers from the new, thinking they might be what I needed (in the
event that this turns out to be a non-ATA card, this might be at least
partly true, if I have the correct understanding of how these things
work). I installed the software onto my think pad and ran the tinfo
utility, which could at least see the card, results below
TINFO Version 3.2.12-CP (ES)
Copyright =A9 M-Systems, 1992-1995

TrueFFS version loaded 32A
TrueFFS drive E:
TrueFFS Window segment address for drive E: 0H
TrueFFS Window size for drive E: from 0H to 0H
TrueFFS drive F:
TrueFFS Window segment address for drive F: D000H
TrueFFS Window size for drive F: from D000H to D1FFH
Card Services is installed
Card Services Release 200
Card Services Revision 118
VendorString: DOS Card Services Driver, Version 1.18

PCMCIA Card Services Release 2.00

Copyright 1993, 1994 IBM Corp.

One adapter is present.
Checking adapter 0:
Socket Services version is 2.0
VendorInfo: DOS PCMCIA Socket Services Driver, Version 1.21

PCMCIA Socket Services Release 2.0

Copyright 1993,1994 IBM Corp.

All rights reserved.

No. of sockets on adapter: 2
No. of windows on adapter: 14

---- Press any key to obtain more information ----
Questioning card in drive E:
Card not found or unable to read the card
---- Press any key to obtain more information ----
Questioning card in drive F:
Card Physical:
Card size : 8388608
Chip size : 1048576
Unit size : 65536
Interleaving : 2
Chip type : Intel 28F008
No Of Chips : 8
This info may mean something to someone out there, as I have never
played with these before it doesn't mean a lot to me.=20

After loading this software I can now see the card, as drive f: but
tformat gives errors and aborts. The fact that I can see the
information above proves I am talking to / receiving information from
the card. Does anyone have any idea what I can do now?
My idea was to format the card on the IBM and then try it again in the
Omnigo, but the format bit doesn't work.=20
I need to find out within a few days so I can return the card if I
can't get it to work.=20

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks

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