RE: Wish List

ArtSoft LTD. (
Mon, 26 May 1997 12:59:26 +0400

Just a moment, please! Coming soon.
It's near to complete (POP3, SMTP & FAX support for OmniGo).

Best Regards,
Oleg Chernov
ArtSoft (Moscow, Russia)

From: Ivan Liew
Sent: 26 =EC=E0=FF 1997 =E3. 10:29
Subject: Wish List

There is one thing that I want:

A POP3 and SMTP compliant e-mail program which can dial in
and setup the connections.

Smartcode Software at makes one for the Pilot which I =
bought and installed for my Dad's Pilot. It works well and easily and =
only 63K in size. Why can't we have one for the Ogo??