wish list

Christopher Paradies (paradies@epfl.ch)
Mon, 26 May 1997 08:24:51 +0200

> - Games
> Chess
> Tetris
> Nibbles or Tron
> Poker, and other card games


> - Utils
> emulator for the HP calculator software.

How about a Rexx-like batch programming utility?
Telnet (X-window emulator?)
Gopher (graphical ftp)
Java for GEOS?
MathCad lite for mathematics that works with pen input

> - Book Reader projects
> Language dictionaries
> Dictionary, and/or an Encyclopedia

This should be linkable to a simple text processor for spell
checking and thesaurus. Why duplicate memory?

> - Multimedia applications
> What the heck would a multimedia app for the ogo be?!

Text to speech? Link to language dictionaries?

> - Others
Driver support for the Iomega ZIP drive?
Driver support for CD-ROM drives?
Support for Digital Cameras? (Why not use my card memory?)

Add these ideas to the list.

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