Wish List

Sun, 25 May 97 23:44:39 -0500

> This is just a few category that I can think of right off my back:
> - Games
> Someone mention a Chess game.
> - Utilities
> - Book Reader projects
> - Multimedia applications
> - Others

- Games
Nibbles or Tron
Poker, and other card games
- Utils
I think we are pretty well off in this area
- Book Reader projects
Dictionary, and/or an Encyclopedia
Language dictionaries
- Multimedia applications
What the heck would a multimedia app for the ogo be?!
- Others
Ahh... I dunno.

Now, also note that all these applications CAN be programed for dos.
We can use C++, etc. I'd be willing to help out with the programming if anyone
else is willing. I am VERY fluent in qbasic. (don't underestimate the power of
the language) so, I can do basically any util, and some cheezy games.

Would someone be so kind as to post up some web pages that carry the
software I need to transfer software/data between the ogo and my pc? I have
the cable, and used to have the software. I got a new drive, and forgot to
backup the software I had for it. Anyhoo. Anyone?

Another quick, but lame question. I guess I'm too lazy to figure it
out myself. What is the size of the ogo screen (needed to program.) I'll

look into writing some stuff for it.