Wish List for Ogo

Sun, 25 May 1997 21:29:52 -0400 (EDT)

I am interesting in starting a wish-list for the HP Omnigo 100 / 120
Geos-based PDA's. This is not a hardware upgrade wish list, but a software
desire wish list.
Please note that I am not a Programmer, just a fellow user who is interesting
in such information as well as you. You should keep in mind the limitation of
these units when submitting an idea.
Please submit your ideas to me or perhaps another individual
can take this idea / project more further then what I can ??

This is just a few category that I can think of right off my back:
- Games
Someone mention a Chess game.
- Utilities
- Business applications
- Book Reader projects
- Multimedia applications
- Others

* Once this list is compile, it will be posted in the newsgroups & the Geos
community at large .
* No deadline has been set so far.
* This list will not be a commitment on any programmer part to complete,

Any other comments or how something like this should be done proper is
welcome !!


Byron Collins
Kentucky, USA
Bindery books for your Geos-based PDA's enjoyment.
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