Re: Pretec flash RAM cards on the Omnigo?

Juraj Mucko (
Thu, 01 May 1997 13:35:51 +0200

> I've got a few questions, about the flash card you bought.
> Which model was it, because they've got about 4, I can't fine the one
> your talking about(4mb @ $89) although they're all very cheap?

Try at for info or for order.
I'm checking it now and it says 4MB for $89.

> Also, do you have an OGO 100 or 120, if you have a 120 does anyone know
> what i have to look for in a flash card to get it to work (or where i can
> get the info)in a 100? (eg voltage / current
> drain, size, drivers etc...) looking for brand names / models etc.

I have Ogo 100 but it should work in 120 too.

Best regards
Juraj Mucko <>