Re: pocket quicken

Grae Noble (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 12:10:53 +1000 (EST)

On Sat, 26 Apr 1997, Vincent Border wrote:

> At 12:19 PM 26/04/97 +1200, you wrote:
> >Hi Ive just got a omnigo and sent in my card for a free copy of pocket
> >quicken but offer has expired is there any other way to get this software
> >as Im in New Zealand and dont want to ring lots of US numbers!!!!
> >
> Tony,
> I was in a similar position four weeks ago when I purchased my OG. The
> retailers seem to be very uninformed as to the situation. I rang HP in
> Brisbane (Australia) they put me onto the Australian distributor for the OG
> which (oddly) is not HP. Anyhow try a firm in Melbourne called ACCO I think?
> There is a fair chance they are the NZ agents as well. Tell them what your
> after, they told me they had a few copies left over from the promotion and
> sent me one, no hassles. I had the phone numbers in my OG but I managed to
> cold start it one day whilst hacking and hadn't a backup. Try these numbers
> 613 98168100 or 613 95444000. Melbourne is going to be alot cheaper to call
> than the US. In fact your possibly closer to Melbourne than I am!
> Vince

The name of the company is actually Twinlock-ACCO (they're the aussie
distributor of OGO, in Melbourne), and their phone number
in Australia is 1300 365 666, freecall (I think, try the TELSTRA yellow
pages on
the net, look under BIG POND). The guy who's got them in O/S at the
moment but his secretary said that she thinks he still got some and he'll
get back to me later in the week. She said he does it off his own back,
so please dont go ringing them at all hours, at least not until i've got
a copy. I'll keep you posted!!