Connectivity pack under Windows 95

Cox, Kerry (
Tue, 22 Apr 97 09:48:00 MDT

Hi again,

After I asked about syncing the Omnigo to MS Outlook, I tried installing
the Connectivity Pack for the first time under Windows 95. It seemed to
install OK but I can't seem to connect to my Omnigo. I'm using a
notebook computer in a docking station and have a modem installed on Com
1(PCMCIA modem in the computer) and another modem on Com 2 (modem in the
docking station). I plugged the HP serial cable into the serial port on
the docking station and then into the Omnigo but Windows doesn't seem to
see anything on either Com 3 or Com 4. I know this is a rather sketchy
description of my problem, but does it sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance.

Kerry J. Cox