Mark Teegarden (
Mon, 21 Apr 97 10:15:15 EDT

>From: Mike Barnes <>
>Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 15:24:01 -0600
>Subject: Password?
>Just got my OGO 100. I set the password. The next time I turned it on I
>was not able to get past password. Message: 'Wrong password'
>I removed all the batteries, replaced them in correct order and turned my
>100 back on. It still asked for password. I entered it and IT WORKED. I
>have turned off Password in setup. I am afraid to lock my machine.
>Two questions:
>1. Any other experience and what should I do?
>2. If I backup my 100 to my PC W/ Connectivity Pack, Will I be able to
>reset my 100 and reload data without password?

The system settings are not transferred in the backup. The password is
part of these settings. I have used the password with no problem. One
caveat that you _must_ remember is that if the screen is rotated, then
you can only put in your password via handwriting-Graffiti input. My
solution to this is to enter it via Graffiti in the first place so
that I can make sure I can do it correctly in that mode (it's usually
set that way anyway).