RE: Is my Omnigo dead?

Hinman, Jeffrey M (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 14:32:56 -0700

Hi Dave.

This has happened to me before. You may have lost all your non-backed
up data.

1) Try a soft reset first (Shift+ON+Next)
2) If that didn't work, try a hard reset by inserting a paper clip in
the small hole in the back of the Ogo.

After this point, you will lose all data:

3) If that didn't work, remote all batteries including the lithium
backup battery in the display for at least 10 minutes
4) Last resort - with the batteries out, short the AA terminals to
cause complete power loss.

Replace batteries. If your Ogo didn't reset to a "new" Ogo, then it is
time for repair.


>From: David/Carmen[]
>Sent: Friday, April 18, 1997 7:33 PM
>To: omnigo
>Subject: Is my Omnigo dead?
>HELP! Yesterday I turned on my o'go and nothing happened.
>The screen remained blank, even after a fresh set of batteries
>were inserted.
>Anyone have any experience of this type of behaviour? What could it be?
>and what is the safest way of getting the thing open?