Re: The Omnigo and WinCE - My experiences over the past 4 years

Max Wood (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 12:02:42 -0500

Hi John,

An excellent post. I have spent my entire career in the technology
marketing business (20+ years). One thing I learned long ago is that most
people abhor change. Any kind of change. It's built into their system. In
addition, this resistance to change increases with age (look at stats on
demographics of PC users). Even after the change is made, a large percent
want to go back. So your post is right on target.

By the way, the exception to this change phenomena are those who excel and
are willing to constantly look for better ways of doing things -- even
though it involves change. Typically this is 20% or less of the people you
will deal with.

When one understands what people want (not necessarily need) and fill that
desire and/or target those who are eager to change to improve their lot in
life, they become successful marketers.

At 09:20 AM 04/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>To all:
>What I've learned from my efforts in the handheld software development
>market is that connectivity to the desktop is an important perception to
>everyone, whether they need it or not, whether it has any value to them
>or not. What's even more disconcerting is that users want to be able to
>run the same app on their desktop as is running on their handheld, again
>whether they need it or not, or whether it has any value to them or not!
>Even though I've designed my program to be completely self contained
>with the totally computer illiterate user in mind, including formatted
>printing to an 8 1/2 X 11 page (which none of the Omnigos internal apps
>can do!), most users consider their desktop to be their *real* computer.
>In my marketing efforts, I've found that those that don't own desktops
>are so afraid of technology that they won't even consider purchasing a
>handheld computer for a vertical market app, no matter how easy it is to
>use, no matter how much value that the app can offer them, and no matter
>how inexpensive the unit is! The extent and intensity of this computer
>illiteracy and distrust of technology, in general, is a lot more
>pervasive in this country than I ever had imagined! Hopefully, this will
>change sooner or later.
>As such and unfortunately, I would expect Microsoft's WinCE based
>machines to dominate the market for years to come. Developing apps for
>other handheld OS platforms is risky business and a squandering of one's
>resources at best.
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