RE: Problem with Monthly View

Art Zemon (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:56:56 -0500

On Thursday, April 17, 1997 3:39 AM, Tat
Chan[] wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone out there encountered a bug that I believe occurs towards
> the end of the month, when the monthly calendar view is messed up.
> ie. On the monthly view, it displayed in the following order: 3/29,
> 3/30, 3/31, 3/6.........

Tat Chan,

My OmniGo 100 display's March 1997 correctly in month view.

Perhaps you have a firmware bug. If so, I suggest sending your OmniGo
back to HP for repair. When I found a firmware bug in my HP 95LX, HP
replaced the entire guts of the unit for free.

-- Art Z.