Re: Homemade Screen Protectors, Replacement Stylus

Marc DeVinney (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:57:10 -0500

Just to add to what David wrote, I have seen this as well. I dropped my
stylus at one point and I noticed that it marred the stylus somewhat. I
was careful to use the smooth side of the stylus and quickly ordered a
3-pack (~$10) of styli. I seem to remember that someone else on this
list had this occur sometime ago. Unfotunately, he didn't notice the
stylus defect until it was too late.


David Virga wrote:
> John,
> I am almost positive that my original stylus is what marred the screen
> in the first place. I didn't start using the BICs until after the
> damage started. The BIC pencil feels smoother, and I do seem to get
> better life out of my protectors when I use the BIC.
> Dave
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> Subject: Re: Homemade Screen Protectors, Replacement Stylus
> Author: at SMTPDEN
> Date: 4/16/97 9:23 AM
> David,
> You may be scratching your screen with the mechanical pencil! Also it
> would seem that your plastic cover should not wear out that quickly. If
> you use the Omnigo's pencil, does your film wear out as quickly?
> Best,
> John
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