Re[2]: Homemade Screen Protectors, Replacement Stylus

David Virga (
Wed, 16 Apr 97 10:57:01 mst


I am almost positive that my original stylus is what marred the screen
in the first place. I didn't start using the BICs until after the
damage started. The BIC pencil feels smoother, and I do seem to get
better life out of my protectors when I use the BIC.

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Subject: Re: Homemade Screen Protectors, Replacement Stylus
Author: at SMTPDEN
Date: 4/16/97 9:23 AM


You may be scratching your screen with the mechanical pencil! Also it
would seem that your plastic cover should not wear out that quickly. If
you use the Omnigo's pencil, does your film wear out as quickly?


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