Re: Recognizing PCMCIA modem in Ogo

Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:20:50 -0700 (MST)

> 1. Take out your modem and reboot your Ogo.
> 2. At the Home Screen turn it off again.
> 3. Insert your modem and turn the Ogo back on.
> 4. In a few seconds the hourglass will appear and the screen will blink.
> The OGO will recognize the presence of the card and the indicator
> above F4 will be on instead of shaded
> 5. Now run your software, such as OgComm and select COM4 (for PCMCIA)
> 6. Type ATZ <ENTER> and you should get an OK. For some reason, pen input
> doesn't work in OgComm for me...

I still get the same error. Do you think it has anything to do
with the fact that when I reboot, I end up in dos (because I have an
edited autoexec) and have to run the batch file "geos.bat" that removes
omniswp and boots up geos? Heh, probably not. Any other ideas. It just
gives me that damn error for some reason. I'm getting ... PISSED! Grr..
maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe you forgot something? Read over
your list again maybe... or not. Hmm. Anyone else have any ideas?