Microsoft Outlook and Ogo 100

Dennis Stephens (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:10:19 -0500

Hello Ogo users:
I know that this questions has been raised before but I didn't realize that
I would get hooked on Microsoft's Outlook.(PIM) I had been using Ecco
version 1 through 3.01 for the past 6 years. Since Ecco 4 wasn't supported
by Puma Tech (formally Intellilink) I switched to Omnigo's 1st Connectivity
Pack. I also purchased Clip n Go and everything was okay. This weekend I
finally installed Outlook and got hooked.

Is there way to sync Outlook and my Omnigo? I have successfully imported
and exported my phonebooks and notes files but now I like to so the same
with calendar and the "things to do"/task lists.


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