OmniGo FAQ !!!!!!!!

Wayne Venables (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 17:10:42 -0800

Hello Fellow OmniGo users,

I have volunteered to take over the maintaining of the OmniGo FAQ from
Ronald Pike. As such, I have decided to give the FAQ a much needed
updating. I'm requesting the help of everyone in this mailing list to give
suggestions for both questions and answers. The FAQ in it's most current
incarnation is always available at:

Please go and take a look, a few warnings though:

1. It is not complete - not even close.
2. Ignore all spelling and grammer errors, see #1
3. Not everything there is correct.
4. Some things are brain storms, leading to #1 & #3

What I'd like YOU to do:

1. Add some more questions!
2. Help me answer some of the unanswered questions.
3. Add to existing answers.
4. Correct me when I'm wrong.

The online FAQ will likely be updated DAILY, please check back often!
All FAQ related questions should be mailed to


Wayne Venables Facaulty Computing Science School of Applied Science
Simon Fraser University
OmniGo FAQ Maintainer Burnaby, BC, Canada