Re: Loss Of Data ?

Mark Jarmyn (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:41:31 -0800

Stu 'B' wrote:
> Hi,
> Having used the OGO for a while now I find it invaluable.
> I't seems that the OGO isn't very good at memory management, it
> seems that the only way to free up previously used memory, is to
> use 'Shift+On+Next'.

Get a copy of free.geo (about 2K) and install it to your World directory.
(I'm assuming you've got a serial cable. If you haven't, get one, it's well
worth it.) This program will delete all state files of apps not currently
running. Just make sure you have the finance app up before you run Free.
Sorry can't remember exactly where I downloaded it from. Alternatively if you
have a file manager installed you can go to b:\geoworks\privdata\state and
delete all files except the finance state file.

> My problem is that when I do this, I loose all my Equations that
> I created using the Solver, I also find that the currency
> conversion reverts back to it's factory setting.
> Is there any way around this ? (apart from not using
> Shift+On+Next)

Regards the the loss of currency conversion as far as I can tell the rates,
currencies etc are saved with the state file. If you want to keep them after
a reboot you have to backup the finance state file (anywhere on the b: drive
so long as it is not the state dir.) After a reboot start Finance and change
to the conversions/currency app then exit using Fn+F3. Then start your file
manager and copy the backed up version of the finance state file into
b:\geoworks\privdata\state. When you next open Finance the currency convertor
should appear with your previously entered data.