Buying SRAM cards from the UK

Mark Jarmyn (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:16:22 -0800

Any UK Ogo users out there after extra RAM but reluctant to fork out the
extortionate prices you have to pay in this country?

Here's what I did. After reading a couple of posts to this list that told of
cheap SRAM from Reboot Technologies in the US I decided to try my luck and
order one. I telephoned the States and purchased a 1MB Grid SRAM card for USD
40. The sales assistant told me it could be delivered via courier in 3 or 4
days for another USD 40 but if I didn't mind waiting they could send it
normal parcel post.

I got a Royal Mail card with the post this morning, 13 days after placing the
order. I had to make a trip down to the local sorting office to collect the
merchandise and pay the GBP 8.99 VAT and import duty customs slapped on it.

Total cost including parcel post from the US and UK customs duty about GBP 43
+ the cost of a five minute call to the US. Even with the duty it's still
well less than half the price of the cheapest SRAM card I've seen on offer in
the UK (about GBP 99 excl VAT.)

I've installed the card in my OmniGo and it works without any hassles. Well
worth the 2 week wait. Next time I'll try for a 4MB ATA flash card.