Re: Loss Of Data ?

John Justin (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 08:08:50 -0800


The problem is that the Omnigo creates state files when you switch from
one app program to another. The state file for a specific app contains
all the info necessary to bring you back to the same exact place that
you left off when you switch to other programs and then back again.
Doing a soft reset is what clears those state files.

A PC card will solve your problem by allowing you to copy files to the
card. A hard or soft reset won't erase any data saved to the card.

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Stu 'B' wrote:
> Hi,
> Having used the OGO for a while now I find it invaluable.
> I't seems that the OGO isn't very good at memory management, it
> seems that the only way to free up previously used memory, is to
> use 'Shift+On+Next'.
> My problem is that when I do this, I loose all my Equations that
> I created using the Solver, I also find that the currency
> conversion reverts back to it's factory setting.
> Is there any way around this ? (apart from not using
> Shift+On+Next)
> Is the problem with the memory just the OGO reporting a false
> amount left, or is the OGO reporting a correct memory pool.
> I am currently waiting for an SRam card - This may partially
> solve my problem. If I can find the file where the Equations are
> saved.
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