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On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, Mike Mu wrote:

I'll explain my reasoning behind this in a few steps.
1) I got my ogo for 150.00
2) The pilot has no keyboard, which basically sucks hardcore.
3) The pilot has no dos (as far as I am concerned) - this adds to #2 as
well. How are you going to input to dos without a keyboard? Grafetti
is not supported in dos.

I like the modem for the pilot, but I'm sure we'll figure out a
way to use it for the ogo. I haven't seen much software for the pilot,
either. I dunno, the list goes on and on for me. But all in all, it
depends on what you are looking for, not what others say. Which one do
you like?

> HI OGO users,
> I was wondering if anybody has tried using the USR Pilots/PalmPilots,
> and the reason why they went along with the OGO? I don't know which one
> I want to go with yet, so all reasons, suggestions, etc are welcome.
> Thanks a lot everybody.
> --Mike

Kent Wilson -

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