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Christopher Paradies (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:11:14 +0100

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:10:44 +0100
To: Mike Mu <>
From: Christopher Paradies <>
Subject: Re: USR Pilot

The new pilot has many of the features that I would have liked.
Connectivity is more professional than the OGO solution. E-mail is now
possible, as is some kind of TCPIP support. The scheduler and address books
are satisfactory...

The 2 most important applications that I wanted were Compuserve email and
Pocket Quicken. Pocket Quicken comes with the OGO and CIM for GEOS works
great with the OGO (after applying the necessary patch).

Additionally, I wanted a device with a spreadsheet and sufficient memory to
store and retrieve data about experiments that I perform. I am an engineer
and wanted to have this data with me at the remote sites that I visit for
performing the experiments and the laboratory where I work.

So, I wanted the PCMCIA slot for extra memory. I think that this is
essential. I have a 10 Mb card with about 4 Mb on it so far (after 6 months
of use). This also gave plenty of room for installing CIM for GEOS
(downloadable from Compuserve for no net cost).

Although I now use the pen for most of my input, I did want to have a
keyboard. Also, I wanted a machine with DOS available on it. There are free
drivers available for the OGO that let you access the DOS mode and opens up
all of the DOS text based programs for use on the OGO, including ProComm
and allow me to write my own programs for the OGO without having to buy or
learn the GEOS SDK. For this you need a keyboard. You just can't do any of
these things with the proprietary Pilot.

Finally, I find that I use the database on the OGO extensively, I use the
address book and scheduler more than any other application. It is a great
plus that I really didn't think would be that important to me.

I know I didn't make any direct comparisons, but I hope this helps.
Essentially, what I did was decide what I wanted from the device and then
found one that was inexpensive, versatile and did the things that were
important to me well. The OGO was the best choice, as of 6 - 8 months ago,
and it might still be.


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