Re: my story (without any happy end) (lifelike ?)

Mike Lambert (
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Four points here

(1) Electronic goods in the UK are very expensive compared to most other =

European countries.

(2) I bought my Ogo in "Tottenham Court Road" as well,but visited several=

different shops and haggled to get a better (still expensive) price.

(3) Paying VAT has no relation to consumer rights - the shop are breaking=
the =

law .

Contact -

City of Westminster Council
Planning and Environment Department
Consumer Protection Division
Room - 1
Westminster Council House
Marylebone Road

++44 (0) 171 798 1111 telephone
++44 (0) 171 798 1213 fax

(4) Morgan Computers in New Oxford St are selling shop soiled Ogo's for =A3=

Good luck


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Subject: my story (without any happy end) (lifelike ?)
Author: Przemyslaw Sperling <> at Internet
Date: 14/03/97 16:32



Hi everybody !
So I see that I am not only one who has problems with some British =

retailers. I do research in London and I bought both OmniGo and Clip &Go =

in one shop in Tottenham Court Road (I paid over 280 pounds for both but =
wanted to have all the taxes excluded). When I came to Poznan, Poland whe=
re =

I live I noticed that something is wrong with Clip&Go (the floppy was
refused to be read by my and my friends computers) and that was told the =
shop =

assistants when I returned to London and I asked them if it is possible t=
o =

copy the program at the original floppy and I shown the original bill
which was namely issued (because the tax was returned) and which =

specified what and where I bought. They answered something like =

that "the VAT is excluded so all my consumer rights are also excluded".So=

it seems that I paid 60 pounds for nothing. I think that my version of =

Clip &Go should be called Pay&Go.
These who are interested in the shop address (mainly British I guess) can=

write me at my British email(I am in London now) which is as follows: = =

I give them (without any pleasure) the address of the shop). =

And one more thing:

Stay cool !

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 06:40:28 -0600 =

From: Max Wood <>

Subject: Re: Intellilink or Connectivity pack?

Hi Miahael,

Sorry to be so late getting back to your, but the real name is Link to =

Windows PC, which is what you have. The only number I can find is on the=

disk. It is F1306-1201.

Good luck. Hope this helps.



At 06:01 PM 02/25/97 +0000, you wrote:
>> From: (Max Wood)

>> Subject: Re: Intellilink or Connectivity pack?
>> Date sent: 22-Feb-97 17:49:55 +0000 =

>> Second, the new
>> connectivity pack will also give you what you want. =

>> If you do
>> not get an answer here, drop me an e-mail and I will give you the phon=
e =

>> number of my dealer.
>Hi Max,
> sorry to bother you again about the connectivity pack for the =

>OGO100, I see that it is a much discussed issue on the list, but I =

>would like to take up your offer of the phone number for your dealer. =

>I cannot find the Link to Windows package in London, and Web searches =

>and browsing places like Educalc have not turned it up for sale in =

>the USA either. I began to wonder if it existed! :-) Anyway, I did =

>finally find a reference to it on:
> =

>or somewhere close to this link. It does support SideKick. =

>Sadly, there was no HP product number. Your dealer may be my best =

>chance --- unless you want to sell me your Link to Windows (with or =

>without cable, I'm serious.)
>Anyway, many many thanks for your help. =

>Best wishes,
> Michael
> =

- Max