my story (without any happy end) (lifelike ?)

Przemyslaw Sperling (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 16:32:04 +0100 (MEZ)

Hi everybody !
So I see that I am not only one who has problems with some British
retailers. I do research in London and I bought both OmniGo and Clip &Go
in one shop in Tottenham Court Road (I paid over 280 pounds for both but I
wanted to have all the taxes excluded). When I came to Poznan, Poland where
I live I noticed that something is wrong with Clip&Go (the floppy was
refused to be read by my and my friends computers) and that was told the shop
assistants when I returned to London and I asked them if it is possible to
copy the program at the original floppy and I shown the original bill
which was namely issued (because the tax was returned) and which
specified what and where I bought. They answered something like
that "the VAT is excluded so all my consumer rights are also excluded".So
it seems that I paid 60 pounds for nothing. I think that my version of
Clip &Go should be called Pay&Go.
These who are interested in the shop address (mainly British I guess) can
write me at my British email(I am in London now) which is as follows:
I give them (without any pleasure) the address of the shop).
And one more thing:
Stay cool !

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 06:40:28 -0600
From: Max Wood <>
Subject: Re: Intellilink or Connectivity pack?

Hi Miahael,

Sorry to be so late getting back to your, but the real name is Link to
Windows PC, which is what you have. The only number I can find is on the
disk. It is F1306-1201.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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>> From: (Max Wood)
>> Subject: Re: Intellilink or Connectivity pack?
>> Date sent: 22-Feb-97 17:49:55 +0000
>> Second, the new
>> connectivity pack will also give you what you want.
>> If you do
>> not get an answer here, drop me an e-mail and I will give you the phone
>> number of my dealer.
>Hi Max,
> sorry to bother you again about the connectivity pack for the
>OGO100, I see that it is a much discussed issue on the list, but I
>would like to take up your offer of the phone number for your dealer.
>I cannot find the Link to Windows package in London, and Web searches
>and browsing places like Educalc have not turned it up for sale in
>the USA either. I began to wonder if it existed! :-) Anyway, I did
>finally find a reference to it on:
>or somewhere close to this link. It does support SideKick.
>Sadly, there was no HP product number. Your dealer may be my best
>chance --- unless you want to sell me your Link to Windows (with or
>without cable, I'm serious.)
>Anyway, many many thanks for your help.
>Best wishes,
> Michael
- Max