Serial Connection?

Stu 'B' (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 20:22:33 -0000

I am having trouble with a serial cable that I have made.
Could someone please tell if these pin outs are correct.

Pin 2 RX - TX Pin 3
Pin 3 TX - RX Pin 2
Pin 7 RTS - CTS Pin 8
Pin 8 CTS - RTS Pin 7
Pin 5 GND - GND Pin 5
Are there any other pins that need to be connected?
I am trying to use OMNICOM.EXE to make the connection
Is there a better 'free' connection program available on the
If any one has any Idea's, they will be much appreciated.
The connectivity pack costs a furtune in the UK, I am going to
the USA
next month I'll buy one there. But in the mean time some help
would be nice.