Slow Recognition of SRAM Cards

John Justin (
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 17:39:23 -0800

Hi All,

When turning on the Omnigo with certain SRAM cards, I've found there to
be a 4 second or so delay before an icon on the Home screen recognizes a
pen tap (then reverses).

The ACE card didn't exhibit this delay problem. Because ACE no longer
exists, I've been trying to locate another card. I tried using MagicRam
and the card that Notebook Supply ships with their Omnigos. Both of
these cards exhibit this delay problem.

Can anyone tell me the name of the SRAM card that they are using that
doesn't exhibit this delay problem, and where to purchase it. When you
turn on the Omnigo, you should be able to select an icon immediately
without having to wait 4 seconds.

John Justin

JJA Microsystems, N.Y.     1-800-765-7770