Loss of Currency Conversions on Reboot

Mark Jarmyn (mark@jarmyn.netkonect.co.uk)
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 19:49:24 -0800

When I reboot my Ogo I lose all the rates and currencies I've entered
into the Conversion app and get the default values next time I use it. I
thought ALL my data was supposed to survive a soft reboot. Obviously not.
I can work around it by copying the FinanceState file from privdata\state
into a backup folder and restoring it after a reboot.(Backing up and
restoring FINANCE.FDB doesn't seem to make any difference as the currency
values don't appear to end up in it.) Can anyone tell me if this is how
the Ogo is supposed to work? And if so does anyone know a better way of
working around the problem?