RE: LAST CALL - OmniGo 100 Power Pack offer

Mike Carpenter (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 12:38:21 -0800

I'm new to the group so I missed the intial postings on this.

What is the power pack, how do I get it if I'm eligible?

I bought my OGO early Feb I think, it may have been late Jan.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Carpenter

From: David Virga[]
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 1997 4:12 AM
Subject: LAST CALL - OmniGo 100 Power Pack offer


To all OmniGo 100 owners who bought within the timeframe of the free
Power Pack offer - between 25 Oct 96 and 31 Jan 97 - If you have not
yet submitted your request for this offer, TOMORROW, Friday 28
February, is the cutoff!

I just called HP, and was told that the offer will not be honored
beyond the published dates. So if you are eligible for the free power
pack, step on it!!

(One note... The person that I spoke with was not sure if the 28 Feb
cutoff was for the postmark on your envelope or for the fulfillment
company to have your envelope in house. If the latter is true, then
it's probably already too late; but let's be optimistic and assume
that the former is true!)